Red and White Games

Hi Everyone, 

We are looking forward to the Caveman Kickoff on Saturday.  Please see the schedule below. 

When:  Saturday, August 6th beginning at 10 a.m. MST

Where: American Fork High School Football Stadium 

Important Items:

  • Your coaches will be distributing your game jersey’s this week in practice 
  • If you pre-ordered apparel, we will have it for you at the swag tent. 
  • We will have J Dawgs, Subs, Chips & Drinks for sale in the Snack Shack 
  • There will be Caveman gear to purchase at the swag tent 
  • Have fun and cheer on all of the players! 

Updated Schedule Below:

Time Field Team 1 vs Team 2
10:00 -10:40am North 1st/2nd Sumner vs 3rd II Renfro
  South 4th B Bell vs 4th B Van Patten
10:50-11:30pm North 3rd I Renfro vs 4th B Bell
  South 4th A Kimball vs 4th B Van Patten
11:40-12:20 North 4th A Kimball vs 5th B Kriek
  South 5th B Towner vs 5th A DeGroot
12:30-1:10pm North 5th B Towner vs 5th B Kriek
  South 5th A DeGroot  vs 6th B Porter
1:20 – 2:00pm North 7th A Wilson vs 7th B Tolboe 
  South   vs  
2:20- 3:00 p.m.  North 7th B Tolboe vs 6th A Matsen
  South 8th B Adamson vs. 8th A Thompson
3:10-3:50pm North 8th B Meyers vs 7th A Wilson
  South 8th A Thompson vs 9th Danielson
7 p.m.  Full Field 9th Danielson vs Sophomores

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