Red / White Game

Here is the youth schedule for this Saturday!  Looks like it’s going to be a fun day of Caveman Football!


Time Team vs Team Field
12:30-1:15 5A Gaisford vs 5B Clark North
12:30-1:15 4th Christensen vs 4th DeGroot South
1:20- 2:05 1st/2nd Wilson vs 3rd Thompson North
1:20- 2:05 6B Carter vs 6B Layne South
2:10- 2:55 6A Patterson vs 7B Fano North
2:10- 2:55 7A Roberts vs 8B Bennett South
3:00-3:45 8A Bushman vs 8B Jex North
3:00-3:45 9A Robbenolt vs 9B Flanary South

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