Head Coach Lloyd Togisala

I was born in San Francisco, California but grew up in Riverdale (Ogden) UT.  I played running back and inside linebacker for Bonneville High School taking the State Championship (up at Rice Stadium-University of Utah).  I say this because I know what it feels like to walk off the field with a state championship at the U – With hopes that our AF boys will be able the do the same thing some day.  I caught the football bug in Jr. High after the championship in which our team stayed together winning each year.

I see the value of keeping these AF boys together as friends, athletes and strengthening each other on and off the field.  A or B team, they are all one big team.   I believe we (parents & coaches) can help create patterns of success.

I served a Samoan-speaking mission.  Later graduated from Weber State University with a bachelor degree in Microbiology and Chemistry.  I also earned my Masters Degree in Management from Webster University in Missouri.

I served in the US Army as an NCO and as a Commissioned Officer; as a Combat Medic, Medical Lab Tech, Signal Communications and Intelligence Officer – I also fought on the Army Taekwondo Team competing Internationally.  After Army life our family moved to American Fork in 2012 from Germany.  I’ve enjoyed coaching across the country and in Europe getting these boys to win championships.

I hope to build a brotherhood of Champions here at American Fork. I’ve brought up the term “championships”, because I believe that is what we have here in American Fork.  Like all our AF Coaches, football is a great way to prepare kids for life.  Teamwork, determination, discipline, and being resilient are just a few lessons learned from football.

I’ve attended many different football coach’s camps.  The most recent camp was the BYU coach’s camp for high schools coaches 2016.  Our AF 8th grade coaching staff has met most of the BYU coaches staff.   We have aligned most of our season this year to match the new drills, schemes, and other techniques taught at these camps.    I’ll be the first to tell you that championships can only be achieved by teamwork.  Our 8th grade boys know they have been selected as the best players to represent American Fork at the A level – as a Team.  They know they represent their families, cheerleaders, friends, and all present.  It’s bigger than just themselves.  It will be an awesome opportunity and responsibility to coach you sons.  WE PLAY – Eleven as One !!!

Coach Lloyd Togisala

Current Team
8A American Fork